Web Design, Web Development Services by: RJO Ventures, Inc. (RJOTechnology.com)

Website Development Services by RJO Ventures, Inc. (www.RJOVenturesInc.com)

Web Design, Web Development Services by: RJO Ventures, Inc. (RJOTechnology.com)

Our development team has the expertise to embody even the most daring ideas into perfect web applications. RJO Ventures, Inc.'s IT team create custom web apps that solves your business issues. 

We're ready to meet your expectations and quality standards, find solutions for your business tasks and we provide future software and hardware evolution opportunities through our technology partners such as Microsoft and Google. 

Our highly experienced and dedicated web app development team will provide you with excellent usability, responsiveness and security, providing you an efficient and smooth operation of your web app.

Our Process:

Design: System Architecture Design, Wireframing, UI/UX Designing and Prototyping

Testing: Quality Assurance, Troubleshooting and Testing

Evaluation: Performance Evaluation and Analytics Implementation

Research: Idea, Consultation, Goal Definition and Requirements Gathering

Development: Functional Implementation, Software Coding and Optimization

Deployment: Launch, Beta Live and Live

Maintenance: Monitoring, Feedback, Analysis and Complete Support

Richard John (President & CEO)
P.O. Box 640337 
Miami, FL. 33164
Phone: 786-208-1529

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