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Managed Cloud Services

Many companies no longer need servers in their office. Does yours? Companies are moving their servers to the cloud faster than ever and RJO Ventures, Inc. can help you transition seamlessly.

Not all cloud services are created equal. RJO Ventures, Inc. provides Managed Cloud Services. “Managed” means that we take care of the network infrastructure, firewall, switches, server hardware, backups, cooling and redundancy. If there is a problem, we correct it. You can concentrate on your core business without being sidetracked by IT issues.

The following are Hosted Managed Cloud Services that RJO Ventures, Inc. provides:

  • Servers – all operating systems, virtual and non-virtual
  • Exchange Servers for email
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery

Additionally, RJO Ventures, Inc.'s Managed Cloud Solutions offer you benefits like:

  • Save on capital expenditures – no need to buy new servers to run new versions of your applications
  • Desktops and laptops do not need to be upgraded or replaced as often if applications are web based.
  • Save money at your office on air conditioning, electricity and wasted space.
  • Your data is accessible anytime and any place as long as you have Internet connectivity.
  • Peace of mind since your data is backed up and safely secured
  • 24x7x365 unmatched customer support
  • Support from some of the industry’s top experts and professionals

To learn more about RJO Ventures, Inc.’s Managed Cloud Services, call or text 786-208-1529 today. You can also send an email to richardjohn[@]rjoventuresinc[.]com

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